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Blackmagic BMPC 4k Colour Grade

All the world's a stage

Just some B -roll BMCC footage lying around, so it was edited into a short narrative.
shot in raw with a Zeiss PLANAR T50 mm F/1.4 & the Bower 24mm F1.4

Graded in DaVinci Resolve.....

Sony F-55 & Canon 1Dc 4K.....Before & After Colour Grade

Blackmagic Cinema Camera.....Before & After Colour Grade

Sony FS 700 Before & After Colour Grade

A quick grade testing the capabilities of the Sony F65 ....graded at Synapse Creative in Davinci.

November 3rd 2012 marked the Toyota 75th Anniversary. The 75th Toyota campaign Included radio, press as well as a 30 second TVC. This campaign was rolled out across seven countries in the South Pacific.

Produced by Synapse Creative Video Production Brisbane.

Sony EX1 10Bit RAW 4.2.2 Colour Grade